Expertise Gedin B.V.

Gedin BV primarily works for contractors, municipalities, developers and buildersThecore businessofGedinBV is based incoördination and managementofprojects, of whichin recent yearsthe focus hasshifted tolarge scale Design &Constructprojects. On the large scale civil-andinfrastructural construction projectsin the Netherlands, usually several disciplineswork together.Construction teamswhich are herebymadeoftentake the formofa full size company andare compiledin a short time. A carefulcomposition ofthe construction teamis essentialfor efficientprocess controland implementation.

GedinBVhas extensiveexperience of workinginbuilding teamsandfeatures severalspecialists fortheimplementationof variousfunctions. Herewe are familiarwith working in the several levels of the organizations.

Listed below you find an example of our services:

- Calculation and acquisition;

- Project preparation and coördination;

- Information Management;

- Projectmanagement;

- Supervision;

- Quality- and Safetymanagement (QHSE / SHEQ);

- (Lead)Auditing (ISO9001).