Meet our Team!


Gedin - Ardwin Jansen  

Ardwin Jansen

Graduated in 2013 as Civil Engineering Engineer and now with a strong passion to work at Gedin B.V .. To date he has gained his experience in the Project, and Process Guidance of extensive civil engineering and hydraulic engineering works. Ardwin started as a work planner for a major road builder and has since then became an important link between the discipline organization and process organization on an extensive project.

Areas of expertise: Work preparation, System Engineering, Project coordination, Process guidance

 Likes; family, my daughter, soccer, 3rd half, project- and process management

Frank Kenkhuis - Gedin B.V.  

Frank Kenkhuis

Expert with a great passion for the contractor profession. As Project Leader Frank works on a wide variety of assignments. Here he feels comfortable in both the organizations of contractors and (semi-) governments. Underground infrastructure is a specialty of Frank, he has extensive knowledge in the design and construction of underground networks (energy and water). In addition to his extensive knowledge in this area, Frank is a highly environment-conscious all-round Project Leader Infra.

Areas of expertise: Project management, Environmental management, Advice

 Likes; speedsoccer, mountain biking, running, my family, music, politics

Esmee Biharie @ Gedin   

Esmee Biharie

Esmee started at the beginning of 2018 at Gedin as Document Controller and support in the field of process management. With a spirited drive and great enthusiasm, she learns about the world of contracting and focuses on her development in the direction of process and quality management.

Areas of expertise: Document Control, Process Support, Office Management.

 Likes; a drink with my friends, good food, time with my friends and of course the summer!

Karel Minnema Gedin


Karel Minnema

As a generalist in the field of contracting, I cherish admiration for the true specialists who practice their profession with passion. With enthusiasm I commit myself to finding those people who are looking every day for the added value for our clients. Gedin must be a melting pot of engineers who, with their passion for the profession and a natural enthusiasm, perform to the maximum for our clients.

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 Likes; Family, outdoor sports, motocross, USA & Canada, entrepreneuring, my kids, camping, engineering


Agnes Dekker


Agnes Dekker

As Process, and Information Specialist, Agnes works on large infrastructure projects on both the client and contractor. She started as an archive employee, but has developed herself as a Process, Quality Manager for large and complex projects through great curiosity and inquisitiveness. By successfully completing the ISO15504 training, she can call herself Provisional Assessor.

Areas of expertise: Information management, Process management, Quality management, Completion and Transfer, Contract management & implementation of business processes.


 Likes; Ireland, dancing, history, city trips and bootcamp


Yke de Veer Gedin


Yke de Veer

As a Project Coordinator, Yke works for both contractors and consultancy firms. In addition to his specialization in soil remediation, he has extensive experience in the construction of underground infrastructure. Because of his broad interest in the contractor's field and his experience within the various disciplines, Yke is the technical source of information at Gedin where it concerns performance-related issues.

Areas of expertise: (Main) implementation, Work Preparation, Coordination Cables and Pipelines


 Likes; challenging projects, special brews, projects from start to finish



Iljan Vos Gedin


Iljan Vos

Specialist Soil and (water) soil-related works and issues. Iljan, as Senior Project Manager, has very extensive knowledge and experience in the field of soil-related matters. Iljan regularly works for government authorities as well as policy officer / enforcer, but also as project manager for various contractors. Disciplines: Interim Management, Environmental Advice, Environmental Supervision, Project Management

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 Likes; cycling, skating, kids.

Ronald van der Wal - Gedin


Ronald van der Wal

Ronald is a practical Safety Specialist with a great passion for safety. As a Senior Safety Expert Ronald has extensive experience with HSE support and issues in various projects within Oil / Gas / Chemistry / Industry / Pharma / Food and Wind Energy. Working for clients such as AKZO Nobel, Philips, NAM, BioMCN, BARD, ALSTOM, DSM, INOVYN, Verwater, MSD, Frieslandcampina, KWS Infra.

Areas of expertise: All aspects of safety, including: audits, safety coaching, incident investigation, risk assessment, project HSE project Management, HSE management systems, contingency plans, implementation strategies, risk management, HSE performance ladders etc.

Likes; family, the kids, mountainbiking, music, traveling, model plains/drones