Expertise Gedin B.V.

Gedin BV primarily works for contractors, municipalities, developers and builders. The core business of Gedin B.V. is based in coördination and management of projects, of which in recent years the focus has shifted to large scale Design &Construct projects. On the large scale civil- and infrastructural construction projects in the Netherlands, usually several disciplines work together. Construction teams which are hereby made often take the form of a full size company and are compiled in a short time. A careful composition of the construction team is essential for efficient process control and implementation.

Gedin B.V. has extensive experience of working in building teams and features several specialists for the implementation of various functions. Here we are familiar with working in the several levels of the organizations.

Listed below you find an example of our services:

- Calculation and acquisition;

- Project preparation and coördination;

- Information Management;

- Projectmanagement;

- Supervision;

- Quality- and Safetymanagement (QHSE / SHEQ);

- (Lead)Auditing (ISO9001).