Construction Women at Gedin

Construction women at Gedin

24 July 2018

On behalf of Rijkswaterstaat, the lock complex at Eefde is being extended by a second lock by the Lock to Twente building association (Mobilis, Croon, Wolter & Dros and TBI PPP). Gedin supports the combination in the field of process, quality, contract and information management. On behalf of Gedin, Esmee Biharie works as a document controller on the project and Agnes Dekker fulfills the role of process manager.

As a document controller, Esmee is responsible for the use of the Document Management System (DMS). The project in Eefde is working with DigiOffice and that was for many a project employee an unknown area. Fortunately, Esmee can now read and write with DigiOffice, so that the project staff can ask her for help. "Due to an ever increasing number of documents in the DMS it is very important to ensure that the documents are stored correctly in the DMS so that documents can be found easily".

Developing a document strategy, creating templates, drawing up quality requirements that the documents must meet, entering the right data up to checking them, is all part of document control. "The best thing about document control is to make DigiOffice my own so that I can guide the project staff with" struggles "flawlessly through the DMS. So that they can read and write with DigiOffice in due time ", says Esmee.

Bouwkuip @ Sluis Eefde

Esmee also works as a project assistant. She is the spider in the web in terms of agenda management and planning, mailings and activities. For Gedin, Esmee worked for years in the Retail sector, so this was a change for her.

She indicates that she really enjoys it. "I learn so much here and everyone takes the time to explain everything. The best thing I like is to sit on the construction itself, you see things change / happen every day. If I had said in the past that I could ever tell you how a lock is built, nobody would have believed me ".

Scaffolding at Sluis Eefde

Maintaining and improving the management system is the main task of the process manager. Based on, among other things, the ISO9001 and ISO15288 / 15504, requirements have been set for the various processes that apply to Lock to Twente. "I see the combination of the requirements from the different standards and how people actually work in practice as my most important task," says Agnes. "I want that process management, as part of Project Management, is supportive to the primary process, because we have to build a lock. We, as a team Project Management, should be helpful to the people at Design, Work Preparation and Implementation. "

"The biggest challenge in process management lies in the unfamiliarity with the ISO15504 both within my own team and at the Client," Agnes says. "It is not a standard where the world is black and white, it is not necessarily right or wrong, but you have to show that you are growing as an organization. This is new for many colleagues and this requires a lot of explanation and persuasiveness. " In addition to the role of process manager, Agnes also performs tasks in the field of quality, contract and project management. "I support the contract manager with all sorts of matters concerning the current VTWs, issues and contract consultations. Furthermore, I fulfill the role of Deviations coordinator and I help the project manager with the execution of his processes. " "I worked on the Client side prior to this project, I notice that this is to my advantage, because I can move well in the expectations of our Client," Agnes says. "The best thing about working on this project is the varied roles that I take on. I have to switch quickly and a lot and I get a lot of energy out of that. "

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