Gedin plays 'dual role'

Gedin plays 'dual role'

30 October 2018

Again Gedin plays a 'dual role' on one of the largest projects in the Netherlands. 

Gedin previously fulfilled roles within the same project on both the client's and the contractor's side. In 2017 we worked on the Veessen-Wapenveld High Water Gully project, where the completion was completely coördinated by our people. The tense relationship between the client and the contractor, during the execution phase, also created the necessary challenges during the preparations for the delivery. By deploying 2 Coördinators Delivery, one on each side, we managed to get both parties closer together. The Gedin coördinators functioned as a kind of 'lubricating oil' in the relationship between the two parties. The coördinators represent the interests of the project (best-for-project principle), but obviously do not lose sight of the interests of their own party.

Together with the teams of both the client and the contractor, we succeeded in delivering the project successfully within the deadlines and transferring it to the managers (municipalitie, water board, province and Rijkswaterstaat).

Also this year, we work with our team on a project on 'both sides of the line'. Since the beginning of 2017, some of our people in the umbrella organization of the Herepoort Building Combination have been working on the Zuidelijke Ringweg Groningen project. Part of the activities of this project, with a contract sum of 388 million euros, was outsourced to Dynniq by the construction consortium. Dynniq is responsible for the design and construction of the Traffic Management System and the Public Lighting on the project.

Gedin has been asked by Dynniq to fill in a role of design leader for the project. Again, the positive effect of the commitment of our company, at the client and the contractor, appears within the same project.

It is no more than understandable that clients and contractors are careful with the use of external parties for the projects. Often the thought of conflicts of interest come to mind, when an engineering firm serves both parties. With the right agreements and of course the right attitude, in our opinion, a very positive effect can be achieved. We are very proud that we have the confidence of our clients to be able to serve them in this way.

Our ingredients for a fruitful and successful partnership:

1. Respectful communication, also when it gets difficult; 

2. Transparency, creates the opportunity to help each other; 

3. Understand each other's interests and respect them; 

4. Say what you do and do what you say.

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