Gedin B.V. Lead Auditor ISO9001:2015 - Ardwin Jansen

ISO9001 Lead Auditor - Ardwin Jansen

18 January 2019

Ardwin Jansen of Gedin B.V. obtained Lead Auditor ISO9001: 2015 certificate!

Again one of our colleagues obtained the Lead Auditor certificate for ISO9001 2015. This time it is Ardwin Jansen who receives the certificate.

Gedin is daily involved in large scale infrastructure projects. Quality assurance is essential for these projects. In a short time a temporary project organization, sometimes very large, is formed. Business processes should be established for these temporary organizations, which assure the quality of the end product. The ISO9001 provides an important part of this quality assurance and improvement of business processes.

By investing in the Lead Auditor ISO9001 course, in addition to the technical training courses, Gedin increases the added value for its clients. The certification is obviously not only applicable to infrastructure projects, but also within other fields.

If you are looking for an independent party to carry out audits for or on behalf of you, or for advice on setting up your quality management system, we are happy to assist you. When you are currious about our vision on the application of quality management for your organization or project, please feel free to contact us.

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