Maik Duin @ Gedin

Sponsoring topsporter Maik Duin

4 January 2021

We love sports!! And especially when it comes to action sports. It is all the more fun if you can support a young enthusiastic athlete in his passion.

It is for this reason that we decided in 2019 to sponsor the emerging talent in the motorcycle racing championships, Maik Duin. Maik rides his 125 cc with great succes at National and international level. In 2019 he was on the podium 12 times and even became Dutch champion in the open 125cc class.

Maik Duin @ Laut Ring Germany

The enthusiasm and passion with which both Maik and his family dedicate themselves to this top sport is admirable. We are therefore proud to be able to sponsor him in practicing this beautiful sport. 

Gedin BV sponsoring Maik Duin

For more information about Maik and his team please check out his website --> website Maik Duin nr.22


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