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Upgrade Twente Canals

1 December 2021

On behalf of Rijkswaterstaat, the Van Oord-Hakkers-Beens construction consortium is carrying out the Twente Canal Upgrade project. Gedin supports and advises on this project within various disciplines.

Gedin Engineering & Upgrade Twente Canals

Commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat, the Van Oord - Hakkers - Beens construction consortium is upgrading the Twente Canals and making them future-proof. Between 2021 and 2023, VOHB will execute this Design and Construct project worth over 100 million euros.

A few years ago, the first part of the Twente Canal, from the IJssel to the junction of the canal at Delden, was tackled. In the past 3 years, the Lock To Twente construction consortium (Mobilis and TBI) renovated the Eefde lock and expanded it with an extra lock chamber. Gedin was also able to make an important contribution to this project in the form of project management. We were therefore very pleased to hear that our efforts were also required in the upgrading of the second part of the Twente Canal. 

Damwanden zetten Recreatiehaven Almelo Damwanden zetten bij A1 brug

The upgrading of the Twente canals (branch and main branch) from Delden to Almelo and Delden to Hengelo is the final piece of an extensive task to make the Twente hinterland more accessible for large shipping. The upgrade provides for the deepening and widening of the canal and the construction of nature-friendly banks. In addition to the various bank reinforcements, a number of so-called specials are also being carried out, including the construction of several turning spaces.

Aanleg Zwaaikom XL-kade Almelo Aanleg Zwaaikom XL-kade Almelo

Gedin advises and supports the construction consortium VOHB (Van Oord - Hakkers - Beens) in the field of Work Preparation, Execution and Delivery of the project. 

Uitbreiding Gemeentekade Delden (fase 1) Uitbreiding Gemeentekade Delden (fase 1)
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