Yke de Veer @ Gedin

A day with colleague Yke de Veer

13 April 2018

On behalf of Vitens, Gedin coördinates the activities of SION, a joint venture between various underground cables- and pipeline companies in the Netherlands.

On behalf of Gedin, Yke de Veer works as a Combi Project Leader for the Achterhoek-Noord region.

The Combi Project Manager coordinates, on behalf of the various network companies Vitens, Liander, Reggefiber and Ziggo, works that are carried out jointly. This involves both new construction and reconstruction work where main cables, main pipes and distribution pipes are laid or modified.

In this role it is important to have and keep the total overview. Controlling environmental factors, monitoring schedules and monitoring work are important tasks of the Combi Project Manager. "You consult with various internal and external partners, ensure that designs are made available informs everyone on time. Sometimes they can be quite complex works. And what really makes this job fun for me is that you work together with a lot of different parties and bring the project to a good end together, "says Yke.

The Combi Project Manager maintains contact with the initiators, such as governments, project developers or private individuals, and is their first point of contact. "From my previous job as Principal Operator for Soil Remediation, I had already gained a lot of experience in working with government agencies, contractors and consultancy firms. I also knew a lot about the ins and outs of municipalities and provinces. That experience comes in handy now. "

On an average day, you put a lot of time into collecting required project information for the grid managers, initiating consultations and monitoring and updating the schedules. "You have to be able to switch very quickly," Yke indicates. "One moment I am at the contractor at the table, the next moment I need input from the engineers of the different companies and in the afternoon I join the client. And because you work on dozens of projects at the same time, you really have to stay sharp ".

"Yes, I am glad that I have stepped into this role", says Yke. "I am very pleased to have projects run smoothly and well, this will be rewarded if I notice that the people involved are satisfied."

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