Maik Duin @ Gedin

Sponsoring topsporter Maik Duin

4 January 2021

We love sports!! And especially when it comes to action sports. It is all the more fun if you can support a young enthusiastic athlete in his passion.

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QA / QC by Gedin

QA / QC by Gedin

8 May 2019

Gedin developes and implementes a 1st- and 2nd-line quality control for a concrete factory in the Netherlands and Germany.

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Gedin B.V. Lead Auditor ISO9001:2015 - Ardwin Jansen

ISO9001 Lead Auditor - Ardwin Jansen

18 January 2019

Ardwin Jansen of Gedin B.V. obtained Lead Auditor ISO9001: 2015 certificate!

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Gedin plays 'dual role'

Gedin plays 'dual role'

30 October 2018

Again Gedin plays a 'dual role' on one of the largest projects in the Netherlands. 

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Construction Women at Gedin

Construction women at Gedin

24 July 2018

On behalf of Rijkswaterstaat, the lock complex at Eefde is being extended by a second lock by the Lock to Twente building association (Mobilis, Croon, Wolter & Dros and TBI PPP). Gedin supports the combination in the field of process, quality, contract and information management. On behalf of Gedin, Esmee Biharie works as a document controller on the project and Agnes Dekker fulfills the role of process manager.

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Yke de Veer @ Gedin

A day with colleague Yke de Veer

13 April 2018

On behalf of Vitens, Gedin coördinates the activities of SION, a joint venture between various underground cables- and pipeline companies in the Netherlands.

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Vacature Project Coördinator Infra

5 April 2017

Gedin B.V. zoekt ter aanvulling op het team een enthousiaste Project Coördinator Infra met ervaring binnen multidisciplinaire infrastructurele projecten. 

Download hier de vacature --> Project Coördinator Infra

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Een dag met onze collega Ardwin Jansen

27 March 2017

Vandaag lopen we een dagje mee met collega Ardwin Jansen. Hij vertelt ons over zijn werk als Project Coördinator bij de Bouwcombinatie Noaber18, in Eibergen.

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Lead Auditor ISO9001:2015 certificate

2nd Lead Auditor ISO9001 for Gedin B.V.

29 September 2016

Winand Hauptmeijer of Gedin B.V. earns his Lead Auditor ISO9001: 2015 certificate!

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A day with Winand Hauptmeijer

20 April 2016

Today our colleague Winand Hauptmeijer takes us to the project, Room for the River IJsseldelta. He tells us about his work as Interface Manager at Bouwcombinatie Isala Delta in Kampen.

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Extension SNA Certificate Gedin B.V.

11 February 2016

Last week Gedin B.V. successfully managed to extend the SNA Certificate.

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Installation of protection caissons by Isala Delta

17 December 2015

As part of the national program, Room for the River, the Combination Isala Delta is installing multiple protection caissons to protect the town bridge in Kampen.

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Gedin @ Diepe Hel Holterbergloop 2015

Diepe Hel Holterberg Run 31 October 2015

9 November 2015

Saturday October 31 was the big day again ...... The Deep Hell Hoterberg run. Team Gedin participated at the Brooks 10 kilometer run.

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SNA Certificate Gedin B.V.

SNA Certificaat Gedin

25 August 2015

This month Gedin B.V. has been succesfully certifiet according the NEN4400-1 standard. As a result we received the SNA Certificate from the certifier, this week.

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Room for the River - IJsseldelta

Room for the River - IJsseldelta

25 March 2015

As part of the national government program "Room for the River" the consortium IJsseldelta works on the safety measures to prevent flooding of Zwolle and Kampen. Gedin B.V. has been given the opportunity to make a contribution to this project.

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Fijne feestdagen 2013

23 December 2013

Fijne feestdagen

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