Groningen train station

Groningen train station

25 September 2020

Commissioned by ProRail, our client Strukton Civiel is renovating and expanding the main train station of the city Groningen. Gedin B.V. advises and supports Strukton Civiel with execution of the project.</s

Groningen station will offer space for more trains and for the first time for passing passenger trains. This will require more tracks and more platforms and a new passenger passage will be built underneath the tracks. From this passage, travelers can reach the platforms and cyclists can cycle from the city center to the Rivierenbuurt and vice versa. The bus facilities will also be placed to the south side of the station. Where the bus station is aligned with the platforms for a cohesive whole. A bus underpass will also be created for a direct connection between the bus station and Stationsweg. The total contract value is around €100 million+ and will be executed in the period from 2019 - 2023.

The project is now (2020) still in the design phase, the Final Design is almost ready. There is also a lot of actual work being executed , because on 1 July 2020 ProRail transferred the marshalling yard to Strukton Civiel BV. The buildings that were still present on the yard have been demolished and the site has been made functional. The first sheet piles have also been installed for the temporary construction pit, so that the passenger passage can be realized in 2021.

Station Groningen - impressie           Station Groningen - impressie

Gedin contributed in the field of Systems Engineering and Deviations coordination. Ardwin Jansen joined the Strukton Civiel BV team one month before the award, to be the first to set up the work package management for the surrounding area, Groningen Main Station. These activities consist of:

- Drawing up a WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)

- Preparing an SBS (System Breakdown Structure)

- Document and requirements analysis

- Drawing up work package descriptions

- Organizing and filling the work packages for the work based on the WBS.

- Coordination WBS in the planning and installment statement (Payment work packages)

- Continuously updating the WBS and its work packages.

After the digital Relatics environment for Groningen Main Station has been set up and the activities have been divided over the various work packages, progress is continuously monitored and adjusted.

In order to guarantee the quality and traceability of the deviations, Ardwin has also set up the Deviation Management. To this end, a process for managing the deviations has been drawn up on the basis of the contract requirements and the wishes of Strukton. We have elaborated this, included it in a work instruction and explained it to the various disciplines within the organization. As Deviations Coordinator, Ardwin has daily supervised adequate handling and assurance of the desired quality level.

A thorough cause- and impact analysis is important when registering deviations. The correct control measures ultimately guarantee the intended quality of the end product (preventive and corrective). A deviation may lead to a contract change (VTW). Ardwin also provided support for the contract management of the project.

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