Gedin works at the project Southern Ring Road

Southern Ring Road Groningen

1 March 2018

In commission of Rijkswaterstaat (government), construction Combination Herepoort is working on the improvement of the Southern Ring Road Groningen. Gedin advises and supports the construction combination.

Due to the growth of the city and the increasing number of visitors, the southern ring road regularly congests. Housing, businesses and facilities are therefore increasingly inaccessible. The Plan for the Southern Ring Road has been drawn up in coöperation between the municipality of Groningen, the province and the government. This plan is aimed at achieving a smoother flow around the city. In addition, the plan provides for improvement of safety and liveability in the environment.

The building combination, Combinatie Herepoort, consists of the following 6 combinants:

  • Maxl Bögl

  • Züblin

  • Oosterhof Holman Infra

  • Koninklijke Sjouke Dijkstra

  • Roelofs Wegenbouw

  • Jansma Drachten

The construction of the Helperzoom tunnel is starting to take shape. The tunnel, which will replace an existing railway intersection, will in the future be used by all types of traffic, with the exception of freight traffic. The 45m long tunnel will be built at a so-called pre-construction site and will, in a later stage, be pushed hydraulically into place.

Helperzoomtunnel - Combinatie Herepoort

The building combination uses the specialist knowledge of the local parties and is responsible for the design and realization of the project. The total contract value is approximately €388,000,000.- The project of approximately 12 kilometers long is carried out in the period from 2017 to 2021.

At the request of Combinatie Herepoort, Gedin advises and supports the combination in the field of System Engineering. Our colleague Ardwin Jansen has been involved in the project full-time since the beginning of 2018 and has extensive experience in the field of System Engineering and the organization of work processes within complex infrastructure projects.


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