Gedin @ Reinforcement Drontermeer Dike

Reinforcement Drontermeer Dike

19 July 2020

From the end of 2014, Gedin was already working on the Room for the River project IJsseldelta. Connected to this project is the Drontermeerdijk, which was made future-proof by our client, Waterschap Zuiderzeeland.

The reinforced Drontermeer Dike can withstand extremely high water that is drained from the IJssel via the Reevediep and Drontermeer to the IJsselmeer. Reinforcing the Drontermeer Dike is one of the measures taken to better protect the inhabitants of the Zwolle, Kampen and Dronten region against extremely high water.

As part of the team of the contracting party, the Waterschap Zuiderzeeland (water authority), we also had the opportunity to experience a Design and Construct project from the Client's side. In the tendering phase of the project, we were already allowed to advise the Waterschap on the design of the project and the management of the project team. Gedin has deployed two consultants for this, who have given advice and support to the Program Management of the Waterschap in the field of Process and Quality Management. During the implementation of the project we remained involved as part of the project team of the Waterschap. The role of Information Manager was combined with that of Audit Coordinator and Auditor. A very nice double role which has contributed to the learning organization of Gedin.

Contractor Boskalis carried out the dike improvement on behalf of the Waterschap Zuiderzeeland. For us, this meant sitting at the table with familiar faces. Our former colleagues from Isala Delta were now our Contractor.

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